Low Fees  
1% and 3% staking fees across three pools with zero fixed costs per epoch. 

Up to Date

All nodes run the latest version of jormungandr on linux and are upgraded with every new release.

HIGH Performance

High speed, robust internet connection, with power backup for all equipment. 

Epoch’s, blocks, and rewards

Each Cardano staking pool creates blocks during an epoch, which is a period of time that lasts about a day for the Incentivized test net (ITN).

The number of blocks a pool creates is proportional to the size of the stake or total ADA within the pool. Each pool is capped at 100M ADA. 

The rewards are proportional to the number of blocks the pool creates and are distributed at the end of the epoch.

Tax, fees, and ROI

Each pool can charge a fixed fee and a percentage tax to take from the rewards prior to distributing to the stake holders. CarpeCardano has a zero fixed fee and a low 1% tax, that is utilized to run the pool. 

The pools return on investment (ROI) is the total reward divided by the pool size. The investors ROI is their reward divided by their stake. Pools with the lowest fees will have the greatest ROI for their investors. 

At 100M ADA each pool creates roughly 20-30 blocks per epoch, or about 1 block per 4-5M ADA. This is the minimum size for a pool to create at least one block per epoch.


Visit www.adapools.org to learn more about each pool and their performance.

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